Error Recovery

XL's User's Guide - When Things Go Wrong with the XL

  • Wait for User Input to appear instead of Run with a steady/flashing underline in the bottom center of the screen
  • Try these if the clock is running:
    • ABORT
    • c-ABORT
    • c-m-ABORT
  • See section Recovering from Errors and Stuck States - TODO: WHERE???

Crash to FEP

Site Operations - Warm Booting

  • Show Status - FEP Command to get information after a Lisp Crash
  • h-c-FUNCTION if you cannot get a Lisp Listener or it's not responding to keyboard input. (On UX machines, only works from cold load stream, so switch with FUNCTION SUSPEND.)

Running Lisp


XL1021 was idle in Lisp for about 2 hours and then I got this:

Lisp stopped itself  
Error trap 10000006612 not in emulator mode at #<TDP-EVEN-PC  37001102250> referencing #<DTP-LOCATIVE 37001234203>.  
(Use :Debug and c-M to record more information for a bug report.)
FEP Command:  

Had to do a Clear Machine and restart; couldn't continue Lisp without getting this over and over.



Can't copy files at the FEP.

Wonder how I copy the lmfs & paging files...

Douglas Fields

Writing LISP and Haskell since 1990