Last Updated July 2, 2016

Current Goals and Plans


  • Expand LMFS on main XL1201 Genera boot drive
  • Set up CrashPlan on Linux NFS server


  • Autoboot world
    • Serial access to FEP
    • Telnet access to Genera Command Prompt
    • Ability to Start X from Telnet or auto-start X
  • Genera X11 on Xquartz
    • Reasonable keyboard mapping
  • NFS
    • Disable NFS password request
    • NFS UID mapping
    • .sct filesystems and Genera versions
  • Set up Genera screen/status line in lispm-init
    • Show web site URL?
  • Genera Service Configuration
    • File transfers/servers enabled
    • Remote login enabled
    • Time server/setting enabled


  • Transplant MacIvory III from Quadra 650 to 950
  • Set up Genera 8.3 on the same site as XL1201
  • Get Logitech 3-button mouse working with Genera

Software Development

  • Automatic publishing of Genera versions into GitHub repository commits
  • Get Quicklisp working (?)
  • Build a Z-machine interpreter and port some classic games (port this?)
  • Build a roguelike
  • Run a web server and site on the computer
  • Build an SSH client and/or server
  • "Here's another Symbolics project for you: A cl-ssl workalike for Genera that trampolines through a little server on another device, so your bolix doesn't waste its time doing crypto very very slowly." (suggested by eschatologist)
  • Other projects from CLiki


  • Measure PS voltages and ripple in XL1201
  • Measure PS voltages and ripple in Console
    • Figure out where to get a good ground and which pins are which voltages
  • Recap XL1201 power supply and adjust voltages
  • Recap XL1201 boards & backplane
  • Recap Console power supply and adjust voltages
  • Recap Console deflection board
  • Adjust Console CRT picture


  • Configure GitHub to look Symbolicsish
  • Configure YouTube to look Symbolicsish
  • Modify Ghost theme to show the console content wider

Long Term Goals and Plans


  • Replace broken SCSI header on XL1201 backplane


  • A Symbolics ADB adapter
  • A wedge-style Symbolics keyboard
  • An XL1200 with full set of graphics cards
  • A color console for the XL1200
  • Get a 1x SCSI CD-ROM drive like the AppleCD 150
  • Get Mac OS 8 drivers for the 3-button Logitech ADB mouse
  • Xerox 3-button optical mouse (and then make an adapter to Symbolics mouse)
  • UX1200 in a Sun host


  • Write CHAOSNET Internet router

Hardware Creation

  • Buy/make custom keycaps for Apple Design Keyboard/Apple Extended Keyboard II for Genera
  • Build a Symbolics keyboard to USB keyboard converter
  • Build a USB mouse to Symbolics mouse converter (to use a modern optical 3-button mouse)


Genera - Completed

  • Get an entirely clean, hard-drive based Genera 8.3 install running on the XL1201
  • Set up a new Site on XL1201
    • Site name: ADMIRAL
    • Symbolics computers named after noble gasses
  • Set up TCP/IP networking
  • Set up an NFS server on Linux
  • Genera X11 fonts on Mac

Blog - Completed

  • Create personal icon (combine Lisp and Haskell imagery)
  • Modify Ghost theme to include Symbolics pictures
    • Made a Keyboard banner image
    • Made Favicons
  • Add LISP language syntax highlighter