Status and Next Steps


  • XL1201 running clean Genera 8.3 on X15 drive from DKS
  • MacIvory III running clean Genera 8.3
  • All physical drives ddpt'd for backup

Next Steps

  • Preparation
    • Permanently mount X15 drive and SCSI2SD into XL1201 and close it up
    • Install new 8MW RAM into XL1201
    • Copy all ddpt backups to Google Nearline for offsite backup (using Arq)
  • Genera work
    • Set up one computer as a namespace server (probably MacIvory)
    • Set up both with Sites
    • Set up both with TCP/IP
  • NFS and backup work
    • Set up a NFS server
    • Back up LMFS from XL1201 "original" SCSI2SD to NFS
  • Document all of the above in blog posts with pictures
    • Make the HTML pre code blocks wider
  • Concurrently: review console hardware and document all electrolytic capacitors and order replacements when the computer isn't running


  • Why is the original SCSI2SD LMFS showing up as 0 bytes long, but the one from DKS shows up with a proper length?

Douglas Fields

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