Console Monitor Adjustment

There are 10 controls for monitor adjustment. Two large finger controls, a group of 6 small multi-turn trim controls for vertical, and a group of 2 small multi-turn trim controls for horizontal.

You can access these controls by unscrewing the four screws at the back of the monitor and sliding out the rear panel. They will be at the right side (looking at it facing the screen).

I'm not sure what exactly all of these do, and don't have any manuals about them, so if anyone knows what they do I'd welcome the information. (Try me using symbolics at the last two parts of the domain name of this site.)

I played around with them until I got a reasonably decent picture that I could see entirely on the screen, but I'm just plain not sure what most of them do.

There are two large knobs:

  • G2 (large knob) - Overall brightness
  • Focus (large knob) -

Then, there are six small multi-turn adjustments for vertical, labeled:

  • Vert Focus
  • Vert Cent
  • VLIN
  • VLIN (yes, two marked VLIN)
  • Height
  • Vert Freq

Finally, there are two small multi-turn adjustments for horiztonal, labeled:

  • Width
  • Horiz Freq

Power Supply Adjustment

Additionally, there are five more trim adjustments that I found on the power supply. They seem to control various voltages. There are two unlabeled trimmers on there too.

Vertical Adjustments

Horizontal Adjustments

G2 Adjustment

Focus Adjustment

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