Lisp Configuration Notes

Reprinted "Cliff's" notes from various manuals.


XL's User's Guide - The Keyboard

You can have keys repeat if they are held down. This feature is disabled by default, but you can enable it by setting si:*kbd-auto-repeat-enabled-p* to t

(setf si:*kbd-auto-repeat-enabled-p* t)

The speed of repetition is controlled by the variable si:*kbd-repetition-interval*.

You can exempt certain keys from auto-repetition using the function si:set-autorepeat-p. For example, to make SQUARE one of the keys that do not auto-repeat, you would type:

(si:set-auto-repeat-p #\Square nil)

You can customize key bindings; see the section "Setting Key Bindings in Init Files".

For the MacIvory, see the section "Using the Genera Application on a MacIvory".


XL's User's Guide - Using Local Commands on the XL

  • tv:screen-brightness
  • sys:console-volume

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