MacIvory and MouseKey 1.2

Well, I couldn't find MouseKey 1.0 or 1.1.1 software anywhere on the Internet. Logitech has 2.0 on their web site, and I found 1.1 elsewhere.

However, the 1.1 software can't see my mouse and the 2.0 software crashes.

So, I decided to buy NIB ADB Logitech MouseMan from eBay if I could find one, and lo-and-behold, this one has MouseKey 1.2 software in it.

Let's see if MacIvory Genera 8.3 on Mac OS 8 can see my three button mouse...!

Aside, if anyone knows how to make a disk image of an 800k Mac 3.5" disk, let me know so I can add this to the Internet's knowledge base.

And the Results...

Well, it has the same exact problem with MouseKey 2.0. It doesn't see the mouse clicks at all. In fact, once you finally do use a mouse click (by using the keyboard mouse click shortcuts) it seems to mess up the mouse to the point where Genera is not usable.


However, one interesting thing about the MouseKey 1.2 installer is that it had three things it could install: MouseKey for System below 7.0, MouseKey for System 7.0 and up, and MouseMan Driver for "Newer ADB Macintoshes." I installed that latter item as well as the MouseKey for 8.0 software.

The MouseKey 1.1 that I have does not have the installer at all, just the MouseKey 1.1. Maybe if I had the full MouseKey 1.1 floppy then I would be able to install the MouseKey 1.1 ADB driver too...

So, the hunt continues.

Douglas Fields

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