MacIvory III Transplant

Space is a premium in my little vintage computing paradise, so I had the bright idea of transplanting my MacIvory III from a desktop Quadra 650 to a tower Quadra 950 and clear some desktop space. David K. Schmidt said this was a simple matter, and he was entirely correct. I effectively put the Quadra 650 hard drive and the MacIvory card into the 950, rebooted, and blam, it "just worked." (I actually put a clone of the Quadra 650 drive from 3 years ago in to test first.)

The Quadra 950 takes a long time to start up due to 256MB of RAM, and its fan is louder than the 650. However, it also has two Apple Ethernet devices on it (one with AAUI, one with Twisted Pair). This should be a good thing, but it turns out it isn't.

At boot time, you get a warning to select the Ethernet device for Genera to use. Unfortunately, as it turns out, there's a bug with the "MacIvory Control Panel" app and Mac OS 8. Apparently one work around for this is to boot into Mac OS 7, configure Ethernet through that control panel, and then boot back into Mac OS 8 and the MacIvory software will remember the setting. I don't have a way to do that that I know of, but I believe Apple distributes Mac OS 7 on their site for free.

I wonder where MacIvory software saves this setting. Maybe I can just manually edit that file.

I used the opportunity to take a picture of the MacIvory though. Enjoy!

MacIvory III

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