Symbolics Filesystems (Updated)

  • Update 1: Added FEP Kernel image.

ams asked me for a few clean filesystems so he can analyze how they work. Happy to oblige.

They're here.


  • Device used: SCSI2SD v5
  • Created using Genera 8.3 clean world on XL1201
  • "Disk" initialized to all ASCII character 'D' bytes
  • 80,000 blocks of 1,280 bytes allocated

The disk was dumped after each of these three steps:

  • Created Initial FEP Filesystem: fepfs-empty.dd.xz
  • Initialize LMFS on there: fepfs-lmfs.dd.xz
  • Create one text file, one directory, one text file in that directory, in each of the FEPfs then the LMFS: fepfs-lmfs-files.dd.xz
  • After running Copy Flod Files :Create Hello File Yes :Disk Unit 10 :From Directory FEP7:>: fepfs-lmfs-kernel.dd.xz

A transcript of the Lisp session is provided, using dribble, in make-fs-2.text. (Genera uses four letter file types, I saw no reason to change this here.) There's also a README.txt that says much the same thing here.

Hope this helps someone reverse engineer the filesystem.

Screenshots of copying the FEP kernel and booting off the new kernel (to demonstrate it works) are here:

Copying FEP Files Boot PROM FEP Kernel Running

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