Telnet to MacIvory

Just a quick note about how to enable telnet to your MacIvory III running Genera 8.3.

First, Edit Object Site NAME (obviously, use your NAME and not mine) in the Namespace Editor and add your network to the Secure Subnets. For example, for typical home networks you might add INTERNET or your office might be INTERNET Save the object.

If you are logged in, it usually turns remote access off. This can be odd because you can telnet in when you first boot, but not as soon as you start doing anything on the local console. To turn remote access back on even when you're logged in, (neti:remote-login-on) is your command. (See Networks pages 13 and 21.)

Now you're able to telnet to your MacIvory, and then you can Start X Screen or whatever else you want to do.

$ telnet
Connected to  
Escape character is '^]'.

Symbolics System, FEP0:>Inc-ADMIRAL2-XLib-Xquartz-1.ilod.1 (ADMIRAL2 Namespac!  
e & :xquartz-87-tenkeyless keyboard)  
MacIvory model 3 Processor, 7.9M words Physical memory, 244.1M words Swapping!  
 Genera  8.3
Admiral2 ARGON

Type c-_ H for Help.  
Type Set Remote Terminal Options to set the terminal type.

telnet> Connection closed.  

Douglas Fields

Writing LISP and Haskell since 1990