Aiband, a Clojure Unity Roguelike

I've decided to participate in ProcJam 2016 this year.

For a change of pace, I'm building a small roguelike in Clojure with a Unity3D front-end. This is an interesting challenge as Clojure allows for (even strives for) purity, but doesn't have a well-integrated, easy to use state monad and related syntax like Haskell, making it hard to use (for example) random numbers purely.

So, I'm making an almost-pure version, with the impurities of the random numbers "allowed," for now. I may explore writing/refactoring my code to allow for the use of Clojure's threading macros.

The source code and more details are available in my GitHub if you want to follow along.

Douglas Fields

Writing LISP and Haskell since 1990