Lisp Configuration Notes

Reprinted "Cliff's" notes from various manuals. Keyboard XL's User's Guide - The Keyboard You can have keys repeat if they are held down. This feature is »

Genera Scrolling

Keyboard Scrolling SCROLL - one window down m-SCROLL - one window up s-SCROLL - one window right m-s-SCROLL - one window left These seem to work »


Error Recovery XL's User's Guide - When Things Go Wrong with the XL Wait for User Input to appear instead of Run with a steady/flashing »

Formatting SCSI Disks

How to format a SCSI disk on the XL1201. First, boot into Lisp. Command: Format SCSI Disk (SCSI address) 1 (keywords) :Sector Size (sector size in »

XL1201 Mouse

The XL1201 mouse is a Logitech 3-button mouse, model number P7-3F-SZ. It has an 8-pin modular jack with a key on one side (in other words, »

Useful LOCAL commands

Useful LOCAL commands on an XL1201 with the PE36-PCONS model console (part no. 365404) XL User's Guide - Using Local Commands on the XL LOCAL-D/B »


This is a test post I use for testing various stuff. (defun xplusone (x) (+ 1 x)) (defun x (y) (+ (- 3 4) (+ 5 6) (* 4 2) »